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Chapter Email Policy

This policy is designed to address and manage the number of advertising and marketing emails (referred to as "eblasts") that are distributed by the AFP West Florida Chapter as well as manage incoming requests to distribute emails via AFP West Florida Chapter's email distribution list.

While this policy does not directly affect "regular communications"-emails that are sent on a consistent basis to members, board and committee members (e.g., chapter newsletter, board updates, etc.)-those types of emails will still be monitored by the communication/public affairs/outreach committee to ensure that board and committee members do not receive an excessive number of emails.

The chapter's goal is to streamline chapter communications and not overwhelm members with emails to the point that they are no longer reading any AFP communications. It is understood that in special circumstances, with the approval of the communication/public affairs/outreach committee chair, additional communications beyond the parameters of this policy can be distributed when necessary and appropriate.

An "eblast" is any advertising or marketing email sent to more than 25% of members/non-member and related to chapter products or services, or related to products or services marketed to AFP members through a partnership or other relationship.

Requests for Eblast to Members
AFP's West Florida Chapter will share approved email communications as an announcement attachment in our monthly eblast according to the following price structure:

Non - International AFP Member rate $50.00 per posting
International AFP Member rate FREE (Limited to one posting per month)

Requests to access our membership will be handled as follows:
Any committee member receiving such request will share the request with the President for the review, approval and feedback.

To gain approval, information must be consistent with AFP's mission, falling into at least one of the following core activities: education, training, mentoring, research, credentialing, or advocacy.
Emails will include the disclaimer: "We are sharing the following for your information. AFP West Florida Chapter does not endorse the product or organization."

All e-mail communications to members will be sent from the AFP West Florida Chapter administrative office (via e-mail address: It is our policy that members' email addresses will remain confidential and will not be sold.

Email Distribution Practices
The regular member e-newsletter/event notifications (Save-the-Date) will be distributed two (2) times a month to all members and non-members of which an e-mail address is given.

Only in special situations and with advance approval from the committee will other eblast be sent. The chapter will not send more than one (1) all-member eblast per month. This does not include regular email communications such as the chapter newsletter, etc.

The chapter will not send email blasts on the same day as the regularly scheduled newsletter.

The chapter will try to not have more than one blast per day, though this is allowed if the targeted groups are completely different.

All eblast(s) will be sent using Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) format to preserve the privacy of the AFP West Florida Chapter's contact list.

The AFP West Florida Chapter e-mail contact list will not be shared, sold, or used by any committee, board, or other for personal or professional use.